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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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11:00 o'clock local time and they believe it was a murder suicide. as you can imagine parents are stunned. >> this is just crazy. i've never seen anything like this. i don't even understand to begin to believe why someone would do this especially at an elementary school. all of this still developing much you'll recall san bernardino was the site of a deadly mass shooting back in december 2015. 14 people died and 24 were injured and what police determined was an act of terrorism. it was one every the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> busy night. breaking also a crash has snarled traffic on the blue route. skyfox over the scene in springfield at exit three. emergency crews have shut down the southbound lanes and our shawnette will is son is live on the scene. shawnette, what's going on right now? >> reporter: lucy, two people at least were taken to the hospital. we're told no word on their injuries. we'll give you a look at the scene right now from the overpass on bait tease road which where we are. you can see the scene has been
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cleared. they just towed away about two minuting a both of the vehicles involved all lanes of traffic are open. but we'll take look right now from skyfox. this is video that we got earlier. this accident happened on 476 southbound from springfield right before exit three. a truck and a mini van were involved in a crash. the mini van ended up smashed between the truck and the concrete barrier on the shoulder. initially all lanes were blocked this crews worked to free the victims trapped in the mini van but as we mentioned all lanes of traffic are moving now. this all happened around 2:30 this afternoon. so back here out at the scene, again, two people at least transported to the hospital. no word on their injuries. we're waiting to hear back from state police on what caused this crash but again the important note here right now at this hour all lanes of traffic lucy back open. >> that is good. no all right, sean nest, thank you. in the lehigh valley a little boy is recovering right now. the 11-year-old was one of two victims of a shooting near fountain and liberty streets in allentown. police say the boy was walking
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home from a corner store when his dad, wishes his dad when someone shot him. just horrible scene. we unthe boy expected to survive but the community is left in shock over this shooting our bruce gordon live in allentown this evening with the latest for us. bruce? >> yeah, guys n fact both of the shooting victims are expected to survive. it's the only good news in what has become an all too common occurrence in one allentown neighborhood. gunplay that in this case sent an 11-year-old boy to the hospital. as a beat cop keeps an eye on things along liberty street. francisco arroryo tells me he wants out of the neighborhood he's called home for the past decade. >> why do you want to leave? >> it's getting rough out here. i mean, the other day shot one guy there. now they shot two more there. two got killed by eighth and liberty. >> reporter: the latest incident of gunplay 7:30 sunday night 23-year-old man was shot in the leg and 11-year-old boy walking down fountain street
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with his father was hit in the wrist. >> more than so much eight gunshots. >> reporter: you heard more than seven or eight shots. >> a lot of gunfire. >> yeah. like pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: there are plenty of kids in this neighborhood teens to little ones. elementary school nearby let out nearby. i chat with moms. >> i have seven. >> when you hear the shooting -- >> i just sometimes for the most part my kids be in the house. i thank god they in the house and stuff. >> reporter: you don't want them out in this. >> not really. >> reporter: he has three children. tells me he's tired of watching his neighbors drop in the face of relentless gun violence. no police presence is enough to make him feel safe. >> you've seen too much? >> i seen too much. too many people getting killed around this area. too many. >> reporter: now neither of the shooting victims entities has been released. we did go to the home of the little boy's family. no one answered. police do tell me he's already
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undergone one surgery on his left wrist tour that shooting injury. another surgery is expected. the little boy and his father we're told know nothing about what happened in terms of seeing anything important or hearing anything to help investigators. we're told the 23-year-old has been uncooperative. it is not clear whether the young boy was hit by gunfire meant for the 23-year-old. that is still under investigation. thomas? >> what an ordeal. let's hope they'll learn more. bruce gordon allentown night. bruce, thank you also in allentown police are investigating a baby's unexplained death. two month old cole davis passed away saturday night at lehigh valley hospital. from south white howl township. an autopsy is scheduled for today. two people are in critical condition this evening after being run over by a car in hunting park. the man and woman were hit walking along the 500 block of west erie avenue. this happened around 10:00 o'clock last night. a witness saw the car that hit its them drive away and followed it. police were called and found the car and driver on fairly street
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a few miles away. the driver was arrested. philadelphia police have just released new surveillance video of men wanted for unsolved murder. police say november those two men you see there were on the 1900 block of north 25th street in north philly when they shot and killed a 28-year-old man then sped off in black car. so if you know anything about this, you know what police would like, i'd they'd like to you give them a call. happening right now new details about one of the biggest man hunts pennsylvania has ever witnessed. authorities today testified about the intense 48 day search for eric frein in day five of his murder trial. one described the search as looking for needle in haystack. the thick woods at the poconos dense of course along with discovery of two bombs at a camp site added to all of the intensity. law enforcement eventually found frein abandoned airport hangar. prosecutors say he ambushed and killed corporal brian dixon and critically wounded trooper alex douglas. court ended early today in observance of passover.
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when you take the subway it's not uncommon for strangers to ask you for money, right? >> that's right. >> septa is cracking down on the practice of panhandling. >> transit police say the goal is to keep everyone safe. so fox 29's dave kinchen is live at suburban station in center tee to tell us what this is all about. dave? >> reporter: well chances are it's a problem we've all seen on the trains at some point. but the answer actually involves people you won't see at least at first. >> it's like on-going nuisance. they should do something to really, you know, neutralize that problem. >> reporter: many of suss been through keith thompson's ordeal ride ago septa train only to be bomb barred by panhandlers asking for cash and sometimes doing so aggressively. >> you want to enjoy your ride. you feel like you have to, you know, switch cars constantly because, you know, to avoid someone that's going to rei lenly bother you. you go to the next car unsee the same thing. >> reporter: those panel handlers will be running into
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septa police officers dressed in regular clothes looking to put a stop to an issue that's behind more and more complaints going to transportation officials in recent months. >> there's a difference between panel handling on street corner and panhandling on the subway. the difference is, the people on the subway can't walk away. they're trapped. and they're intimidated and they're frightened and we can't have that for our riders and we want to help the folks that need help. >> reporter: septa transit police chief says undercover officers will be looking out for people ganging up on riders while asking for a buck or two. he says they'll be taken off the train and given a list of assistance programs for help. along with the warning. do it again, and they'll be arrested. >> arrest isn't often an answer. but in this case, it may be the hammer to hold over them to force them into getting the help that they need. that's our hope. they just need to get go. >> reporter: crack down welcomed news to commuters we spoke with.
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>> i think it's a good thing. it's just like you're offering alternative to what they're doing. >> reporter: so what time of day will this crack down take place? well, that's the thing. septa says they won't say. they want it to be a surprise for the panhandlers. thomas? >> we'll see fit makes a difference. dave kinchen in center city tonight. dave, thank you. no! so, my god! >> oh, my god! >> talk about chaos on united flight from chicago to louisville this video right here shows a man dragged off the plane because the airline over booked a flight. no one volunteered to get off so the computer picked who would go. and that man right there wasn't havng it. security pulled him right off. uniteuniteunited apologizing to. they let him fly two hours ago. >> right now in egypt, the country is on high alert after dozens of people have died in two suicide bombings at churches on palm sunday. isis claims responsibility.
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egypt's president has declared a state of emergency. israel is now closed a key border crossing into egypt. the israeli military says sinai militants fired a rocket at them but injured no one. in sweden, eighths day of mourning for the victims of a deadly truck attack. the nation's honoring the four people killed in 15 others hurt after police say a man highjacked a truck and plowed into them friday. police have a 39-year-old us a says back man custody. he's identified as rock med raqqa love. police arrest add second person. >> constitution and laws of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> history in the rose garden of the white house as president trump's first pick to the supreme court is sworn in. the one you actually saw actually the second of two swearing in ceremonies. chief justice john roberts swore in 49-year-old judge neil gorsuch in the private ceremony
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at the supreme court earlier this morning. >> and then came that very public event at the white house. fox news correspondent peter doocy has more from d.c. i will faithfully and impartially as charged and perform. >> neil gorsuch takes his place in history becoming the 113th justice of the supreme court. justice anthony kennedy who clerked for earl until his career administering the judicialth during a white house ceremony. making this the first time a mentor will work side by side with his one-time protegee. >> i am humbled by the trust placed in me today. i will never forget that to whom much has given much will be expected. >> but gorsuch's as seng to the highest court wasn't without controversy. after democrats mound of mount add successful filibuster of gorsuch senate republicans exercised what's known at nuclear option. lowering the vote threshold for ending a filibuster in the case of a supreme court nominee from a super majority of 60 votes to
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simple majority of 51. >> today i want to express our gratitude to senator mitch mcconnell for all that he did to make this achievement possible. >> reporter: some questioning whether this ends any chance of bipartisan ship and opens the door for more ideologically picks. >> i'm there is no danger of that happening. what it means though is that when we elect a president we know that they're going to be ones who get to nominate judges. >> i think damage has been done in the future nominees for the supreme court i think damage has been done to the senate as an institution. >> reporter: high court returns from recess next monday on the docket first, a religious freedom case out of missouri. at the supreme court, peter doocy, fox news. fox 29 weather authority n now. live look outside aureoled old city studios. did you enjoy the day, thomas. >> it was we are perfect. wasn't it lucy. >> beautiful. warm and sunnism only going to get nicer. >> it was hard to go to work today. meteorologist kathy orr is it strange we're not complaining about anything. >> no complaints whatsoever.
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>> no, just coming inside. that's the only complaint. >> well there is that. >> true. >> guys do you see those high cirrus clouds right there those are always an indication that the next day will be warmer and that is true. now, take a look at this. warmest day of the year today the first 80-degree temperature. the previous warmest day was on march 25th when we made it to 77. that was a little bit of a cloudy rainy day. today we had full sunshine. look at these numbers. 72 in the poconos. 80 in allentown. 78 in wilmington. 76 in millville. and 80 degrees right now in wrightstown with a southerly wind. it's only going to get warmer with high pressure off the coast. a cold front will be approaching from the west. squeezing the warmest air up the coastal plain. coming up we'll talk about challenging records tomorrow across the delaware valley. the next chance of rain and an easter sunday surprise. we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, sounds good, thank you kathy. terrifying robbery in west philadelphia.
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what police say may have saved the victim's life. also ahead this evening a police officer caught on camera slamming a woman to the ground. why police say this shocking video doesn't tell the entire story. >> new way to target crime. the tool some police officer are now using to catch the bad guys. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit ♪ welcome back n west philadelphia, store employees screams for help may have saved his life. police just releasing this surveillance video of two men bursting into the enon haitian
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variety store. this is on the 400 block of north 64th street. police say one of the men threatened the employee at gun point and began to choke him. when the victim yelled for help, the men ran away without taking a thing. $3,000 goes to whoever can help catch a bank robber in radnor. security cameras captured the man walking into the bank of america at the branch on west lancaster of a 12:35 friday afternoon he handed the teller a note. here's the deal. the hand writing apparently was not legible. the teller told investigators the robber seemed rather nervo nervous. >> he may have had a physical impediment to his lower jaw described he talked out of the corner of his mouth. may have some type of speech imped many. did have a light brown beard close cropped beard and seemed shaky when he was speaking to the teller. a witness saw the robber get away in old silver toyota camry but detectives say it had stolen plates. if you know anything, give them a call.
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>> fox 29 investigates tonight. damage propertie properties in g city workers to break the rules even poaching electricity. >> it's what fox 29 investigates found when it took a look at the concerns of neighbors in point breeze. jeff cole is here. >> growth is good in philadelphia. but not at the expense of property rights of its residents. that's what some of the good folks in point breeze are telling us tonight. construction is booming in point breeze with work underway nearly everywhere you look. but some residents claim demolition has been done without permits. construction debris has been piled up, sidewalks have been damaged and more. to night, we dig into their complaints and hear why they think it is happening. >> it's point breeze. we can do whatever we want. >> seriously you think that's the view. >> absolutely. >> they can get away with whatever they want because no one is going to push back. >> they can get away with murder. >> that's typical of what we
5:18 pm
heard. tonight at 10:00 the downside of philly's building boom as fox 29 investigates. lucy you know there's a huge building boom under way in these communities. and some long-time residents think they are literally getting pushed around and we hope folks will take look at it tonight. >> can't wait to watch it tonight at 10:00. thank you much, jeff. fanfare and festivities surrounding the nfl draft is a couple weeks of away, right? but we're already feeling the experience with road closures and parking restrictions. the event itself ticks off april may seventh it is going to be tricky getting around the art museum area. today officials started the first of four faces of traffic restrictions. spring garden street westbound you had bound closed to pennsylvania avenue. and you'll find fewer lanes on the ben franklin parkway around the eakins oval and kell confidential drive area. a couple of days ago it fell like football weather. today thankfully more like baseball weather. >> it's true. >> phillies getting ready to start at three-game citizens at citizens bank park what feels like perfect night for baseball. >> it really is. one of the phillies all-time
5:19 pm
greats will be coming home this summer but not without controversy. sean bell is live at the ballpark. hey, sean. >> lucy, that's right. i want ya'll to say that couple more times. perfect weather for a ballgame. the phillies taking on the mets tonight before we get into that, we have to talk about pete rose. the phillies will induct him into the wall of fame in 2171 of the greatest of the greats. say what you want about the guy he can go. he was a different type of cat. earlier today i spoke to larry bowa about his time playing with pete and how pete would get on him and get on himself. >> back then you could get on guys and they didn't take it personally. they took it like you're trying to help them. they i can't as constructive criticism. you probably don that now, because some guys probably call the agents and, you know, it's problem. that's how he was. you know, he wasn't a afraid. if he didn't do a job he'd be the first to say that was a bad at bat by me.
5:20 pm
>> there's lot of liars in the hall of fame. let that guy n he's the greatest of the greats. later in sports we'll actually talk about the game and how we're already switching closers. guys already. little bit of panic burt it's >> see in you just a moment. hopefully another win tonight. sean bell thank you. >> police officer caught on camera slamming a woman to the ground. why police say this video does not tell it's entire story. >> also, new police cars unveiled. why one automaker believes police departments all around the country will want to buy lots of these. >> and transplant success stories. why one doctor believes if they're done early enough they are pretty much guaranteed to work.
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you know they're used to lot of water coming from the sky. like this. water main break made a big mess in portland. looked like a river downtown. the flood shut down roads, left businesses without clean water. but one restaurant ended up stocking up their place with bottled water and cans of soda just to stay open. attention grabbing confrontation between an officer and a woman as usual caught on video, right? the 92nd clip is really picking up steam online. >> it shows four colorado officers trying to restrain a
5:24 pm
woman then in just a moment here they slam her to the ground. officers had actually been respond to go bar fight involving the woman's boyfriend and another guy. but when they arrived, police say the woman got physical with both the bouncer and an officer. she's being charged with assau assault. the police department's chief says the quick video lax conte context. still some who have viewed it are questioning the officer's method. >> he through her right on her face. i mean i don't think that was necessary at all. he didn't have to throw her down like that. she's a woman. >> kind of hard to see. me being born and raised whoever ridiculous. i've never seen excessive force like that being in a place where there's a lot of police officers here i thought it was pretty unnecessary actually. >> police were also wearing body cameras but the chief says the footage will not be released while the incident is under investigation. in atlanta suburbs murders of elderly couple is tragic on its own. but who police say is behind their deaths make it all that much worse. police found wendy and randall, beaten to death in their home. they say the couple's
5:25 pm
granddaughter 17-year-old cassandra and her boyfriend who's 19 years old named johnny rider killed them. police arrested the teens after they barricaded themselves in an apartment. a neighbor watched as swat arrived. >> looked like they were giving them a lot of warnings. we just heard a pop. then we just saw a lot of swat running. >> police say the granddaughter and her boyfriend are both in the hospital for self inflicted 95 wounds. malaysian authorities have blown the cover all a rhino smuggling operation at kuala lumpur international airport. 18 rhino horns weighing 112 pounds were found in box on friday. the horns reportedly have an estimated value of just over $3 million. customs officials says that authorities received an anonymous tip about that shipment. by the way the shipment was declared as a work of art on the airway bill documents. >> deadly shooting between father and son. the chore behind the gunfire. typically plains take off
5:26 pm
and land with the same number of passengers, right? that wasn't the case for this flight. so what caused the big difference? >> we'll tell you straight ahead. >> kathy, good evening. >> good evening. we're talking about record breaking warmth tomorrow. 80 wasn't warm enough? we'll go higher and take a look at the seven day coming up. horns on their helmets.
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>> a man in montgomery county is under arrest accused of torturing this are his children that right there is 44-year-old joseph meyer. police say he beat his children and shocked them with dog collars over a period of several years. one of the children told officers that he would beat them with a wooden stick and actually required stitches. he faces nearly 150 counts of assault. right now he's in jail on $1 million bail. city hall, it's a chair but it means so much more than just a piece of furniture. one of more than 400 chairs of honor across the country and it honors the prisoners of war who are still missing. shows we have not forgotten about their sacrifice. mayor jim kenney unveiled the special seat today. he says he saw one atthe dnc and that's when he asked how city hall could get one. >> every tour group that comes through with every person that visits here with every celebration or dedication that we do here, we want to make sure that the memory of all those
5:30 pm
folks still remain in this room remain in this building remain in our city remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives. >> these empty seats are also at lincoln financial field and citizens bank park. a tragedy coming out of chicago as an innocent task of walking a dog turns deadly between a father and son. you see the pair wound up drawing their guns and shooting each other multiple times following a dispute over that chore. >> and the son died from the injuries the father remains in the hospital. fox's elizabeth matthews break it down. it's just so much going on we don't know what's going on inside of anybody's homes, you know it's bigger than just turning guns on each other. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard about four or five gunshots sunday morning from inside the home near intond and woodlawn avenue on the far south side. >> there's no unity even in immediate family right now. and families need to come together more than they do and talk about things and open up. >> reporter: chicago police say the father/son pair ages 43
5:31 pm
and 22 started arguing over who was going to walk the dog when they shot each other multiple times. both were rushed to christ medical center in okay lawn where the 22-year-old son donald johnson died. the father went into surgery. he's now in fair condition. >> how did we get here? how do we get to the point where i hate my blood family enough to take his life? that makes no sense. >> reporter: community activist jamal green says underlying community problems often play a role in the city's violence. >> they kind of points to some issues that we have to deal with in a community. mental health issues, and a lot of people walk aig round with pain. there's no love in these communities report roar he's one of the many young activists trying to help prevent the further climb of violent crime in chicago. hosting a youth event this weekend at a roller skating rink giving kids a safe and positive place to have fun. >> there are people in the city doing positive things to bring people together and we got to
5:32 pm
start doing more. don't stop -- don't just work that 9:00 job and think problems won't hit home. you have to be a part of bringing people together and loving your kids and loving your community. this is how we start to change things. fox 29 weather authority now. let's head on over to reading. what great way to start the work week, right? it's only going to get warmer. we're talking near record temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr has it all in a mere 152nd. in weather we're talking about temperatures that aren't just 10 degrees above normal, they're about 20 degrees above average and across the region it is looking really good with plenty of sunshine. even warmer numbers tomorrow. right now it is 50 -- 80 degrees
5:33 pm
much this morning it was 50. 80 degrees. the high today 80. winds out of the south south we have at 13 miles an hour. and that wind will continue into the evening. look at some of the highs today. allentown made it for their first 80-degree day. the same in wrightstown. 78 in wilmington. 70 in cape may. with that ocean influence. sea breezes will be going on so even though it's 80 degrees inland, down the shore expect ms. cooler temperatures. light jacket will be required. lock at beach haven only 57. of course, seaside park feeling the impact of a sea breeze so the temperature of 61. doylestown 79. further inland perkasie, pottstown 77. valley forge, west chester at 79. and reading checking in at 79 degrees trenton 78. high pressure is the reason why we have this clockwise flow around it pumping up the warm and somewhat humid air during the day tomorrow. it will go even warmer. we're talking about record warmth across the region. when we talk about the temperatures, we're going to watch all of this warm air get squeezed up the coast because
5:34 pm
this area of high pressure and this cold front that's approaching from the west. this will set off a few spotty showers late tomorrow night into early wednesday. but nothing of any consequence and the air behind it isn't that cold. it will be in the 70s. so not a tremendous change in temperature even after that front passes. with the warm and windy air we're going to talk about allergies and the tree pollens are going to be high for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. and of course juniper, maple and the alter trees will be the problem if you suffer from seasonal allergies. the jet stream lifting well to the normal. trough in the pest west and we're talking about near record warmth for one day over a good part of the region. so overnight tonight, not so cool. the low temperature 58 degrees with moonlit skies. tonight is the full pink moon it won't be a different color. but we call it pink moon because of the color of the flowers that typically bloom in the month of april. during the day tomorrow, the high 84. that is the record. it will be mostly sunny with a
5:35 pm
southwest wind about to ten to 15 miles an hour. when you look at the numbers to beat, they're pretty high. will philadelphia wilmington 84. reading 85. trenton 86. atlantic city and allentown 84. many of these could be tied maybe even broken by tomorrow afternoon at this time. your seven day forecast from the weather authority, well looking good for your tuesday. wednesday a shower early. otherwise windy. but mild. 72. thursday we'll go cooler. and that's 68 good good friday mostly sunny 66. saturday mostly sunny. easter sunday mix of sun and clouds a chance late day shower look at that the temperature pushing 80 degrees that hasn't happened in while. and then for monday, easter monday morning shower, then sun. the temperature 70 degrees. this is a very very nice seven day forecast, guys. we have haven't seen anything like this in very long time. today is the warmest temperature since march. and late march we made it to 77. remember february we had about four, 70-degree degrees good i definitely remember that.
5:36 pm
this is a whole lot of happy kathy. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> you know you're spoiling us, right? >> we'll get used to this. >> we like to be spoiled. speaking of happiness a pet can bring a lifetime of happiness and unconditional love. researchers say you may have another reason to add a dog or a kitty to your family. >> got to love the little ones ahead also new police cars right here unveiled. why one automaker believes police depths around the country will want to buy these. >> dozens of animals have just arrived in our area. part of an operation to say the lives of dogs and cats that face near certain death. they're long journey here and how you can help. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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the road to recovery starts now. ♪ philadelphia international airport has seen a lot of growth in the past decade so says new study local official officials announced today airport now has 500 flights and 25 airlines. the airport ceo says that it sports more than 96,000 jobs with an average salary of more than $50,000 a year.
5:40 pm
>> the airport couldn't flourish fit didn't exist in a region that was so densely populated and quiet frankly the region wouldn't be as successful as it is and economically healthy without the airport. >> the airport generates about 15 and a half billion dollars in our area. one of those airlines delta continues wally to struggle with flight cancellations and delays. but they have made some progress here. the problem stemming from last week potion severe weather in the south we've been telling you about. those storms caused a ripple effect all across the country leading to major problems nationwide since last wednesday delta has canceled more than 3300 flights. move over general motors. another car maker is vying for the title of most valuable. tesla stock rose sharp daal putting it in very close competition with gm. the tesla company is doing well thanks in interest to the model three car coming out later this year. speaking of cars, ford is hoping to revolutionize the way
5:41 pm
police officers drive across the country. it is just introduced the police responder a gas electric hybrid. the company says the cruiser can get 38 miles to the gallon designed to not only help the environment but also save a few bucks for police depths. >> university city residents will soon have a new supermark supermarket. acme markets has agreed to build a market at 40th and walnut streets. so in addition to selling groceries list zone this lucy it will feature sushi and noodle bar, guacamole station, starbucks and beer and wine sh shop. acme has not given an ought estimated opening date as of y yet. >> i'll roll out a lawn chair and make myself at home. why go home. typically plains take off and land with the same number of passengers, right? that's usually how it goes. >> i hospital so. >> unless you're skydiving. this is not a skydiving plane. and this was not the case for this flight. so what happened? plus one. also ahead, new way to target crime. the new tool some police officers are using to catch
5:42 pm
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♪ well cup back. pennsylvania governor tom wolf plans a request -- influence request a presidential disaster declaration for last month's snowstorm. the governor says that pennsylvania emergency management has requested the federal government do a damage assessment so the state can get funding from washington. however preliminary estimates show the storm may not qualify for federal aid. >> in your health this evening, the benefits of owning a pet. research shows it might be very very good for your family. a new canadian study finds babies whose families own pets have lower risks for not only allergies but also obesity. a team from the university of
5:46 pm
alberta found babies in the womb and shortly after birth exposed to pets had higher levels of two types of bacteria so it actually goes from mom to baby in utero. that packet is good stuff it's linked to reduced levels of allergies. scientists believe that early exposure to dirt and stuff like that creates a great immune system. so if you'd like to read morehead over to the journal micro-biome. mott often in medicine do we hear doctors claim a 100% success rate. but new r from doctor at the university of minnesota proves kidney transplants performed in children under two years old are pretty much guaranteed to work. fox's lee, has more. >> reporter: three-year-old london hall has no problems keeping up with her brothers n now. but as an under fan it quickly became clear her twin brother was reaching milestones she wasn't. >> three months old or so and we first started noticing that maybe she was laying on the floor next to each other maybe
5:47 pm
she wasn't moving her legs and arms quiet as much. >> later when she struggled to eat and keep food down her parents learned they were both carriers of a rare gene mutation preventing london's kidney from processing proteins properly and she needed a transplant. at 17 months old, she received her mother's kidney. >> i remember someone saying that, you know, you gave live to her twice. essentially. birth and then donating a kidn kidney. >> push all the inn tepp intestines to the left and position the kidney on the right side. >> success stories like this the doctor from the university of minnesota's children's hospital recently researched and discovered kidney transplants performed on children under two years old have a 100% success rate after one year and five years. better than any other age group. >> when a child has kidney failure and you put them on dialysis, the dialysis only purifies about 10% of the blood. so those children on dialysis
5:48 pm
don't double up well. the brain doesn't develop well. they have growth failure and they have problems in achieving milestones as well. studies we have done in our institution have shown that once do you a kidney transplant boy they quickly grow like a weed. >> he points outer other transplant teams nationwide typically wait until a child is two years old but the philosophy the halls agree with is some kids can't afford to wait. >> i do feel like there's little bit of a different connection, you know, but, yeah, i guess you really would just do anything for your kids. >> she smiled because she knew it was true. >> the end. >> really great to see that success rate because there's about 2,000 kids right now waiting for kidney transplants. to have 100% very encouraging. >> got to do it young. i had no idea. so the younger the better apparently. >> turkish airlines flight welcomed new passenger while in flight, thomas.
5:49 pm
>> while in night. >> plus one. >> it happened from the country of guinea to turkey. any guesses -- we're telling you right that. you can read it yourself. one of the passengers yeah went into labor. the flight crew turned into a medical team to help deliver the baby girl. both mom and daughter are doing just fine. >> what do you put on the birth certificate? >> i don't know. >> where the baby was born. >> over whatever country or maybe she gets citizenship to all the countries en route. >> it is part of the fabric of philadelphia. but being a sports fan in the city of brotherly love -- >> highs. >> and lows. >> and lows. >> every year we say, this is going to be the year, right. >> right. >> bruce gordon explains why he's not holding his breath for the newest flyers. >> reporter: hi, i'm bruce gordon i freely admit. i was spoiled as a kid. my family moved to the philadelphia area back in 1967. just in time for the town's newest sports franchise to take the ice. i was hooked.
5:50 pm
philadelphia flyers won the stanley cup in just their seventh season. the flyers win the stanley cup. >> reporter: in season number eight, they hoisted the cup again. now as a teenager i figure this was all the norm with the league's most valuable player bobby clark and nhl best goalie bernie parent championships would come in bunches. then a long came the montreal canadiens with a better team and a hotter goalie. and by 1976, the flyers two year title run was over. we had no idea just how over. in the 42 seasons since that second stanley cup the flyers have made it back to the league finals six times. and lost everyone of them. in this their 50th season as a franchise april 2nd loss to the new york rangers made it official. this is the third time in the last five years that they'll miss the playoffs. >> this in league where more than half the clubs qualify for the post season. it's not just the flyers aren't very good. it's that the team keeps trying
5:51 pm
to convince us that they're in the hunt for the cup. for years now they pro motted mediocre players as being very good. super stars. the fact is the team hasn't had a league nvp since eric lindros more than 20 years ago. last time they sport add trophy winner league's best goalie ron hextall 30 years ago. the newest sales pitch is that the flyers have a raft of young players ready to come up from the minors and burst into stardom at the nhl level. we'll see. ♪ >> reporter: until then, stop trying to convince us that this flyers team is among the league's elite just a lucky break or two away from a third stanley cup. the flyers would need to leap frog 20 or so teams to make it to the top of the heap. and that doesn't happen quickly. if you're old enough like me you still have fond memories of those mid '70's glory years to get you by. if you're not, well, then the flyers are just another local
5:52 pm
team scuffling along in the middle of the pack trying to convince that you better days are ahead. i fear they are not. only in philly. ♪ here's to hoping our bruce gordon serving up a new dish at one restaurant overseas. why one american guest says he doesn't think menu item would do so well in our country. >> there's a big hint right there. >> gross. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone.
5:55 pm
help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit >> perhaps you're getting ready to cook up your dinner tonight.
5:56 pm
maybe you're ordering n think about this. restaurant in japan getting major publicity because of that. it's special sunday thing that it had this week. folks in tokyo waited in very long lines sample rail men noodles garr are garnish with deep fried worms and crickets. restaurant owner hosted single day event to promote the alternative food culture in japan and around the world through ray men. one american tourist said although ray men is definitely gaining popularity in the golden state he's not so sure about insects becoming a thing any time soon. >> i don't think we are ready for this in california. um, ray men is just taking off now in a big way in california. maybe five years later. >> insects are part of traditional japanese cuisine in rural areas but for most city dwellers it's a new experience unless your name is andrew zimmer because he looks bizarre foods. >> you want to see a menu? almost dinnertime. lucy.
5:57 pm
>> my daughter literally had me cook her up meal worms she wanted to try it. >> where did you find meal worms. >> pet store. i didn't do it. she did it. police department in colorado using a new type of gps technology to help catch criminals on the run. >> fox's mike tells us how these unique gps darts could change policing in that state. >> reporter: when our police officers are on the job they have a tool. no other officer in colorado h has. star chase darts fired from police cars and on to suspect vehicles use real time gps tracking. giving officers a huge advantage and many times allowing them to stop high speed pursuits oh are prevent them from ever happeni happening. police spokesperson jill says the investment has been well worth it. >> that's the main objective of having something like this is to keep our officers safe and to keep our community safe. >> reporter: police video shows the darts in action. using at hee seive materials and technology that prevents suspe suspects from removing the dar darts. >> we help to provide dee escalation path toluate law
5:58 pm
enforcement. >> reporter: as the technology mc more upon perps will think twice about speeding away when they see police in that rear view mirror. is it legal under constitutional protections against warrant less searching and tracking? police and even the aclu says yes. as long as the darts are not used for tracking pastor and initial pursuit. >> that would seem to be permissible if of course they have probable cause to believe there's been a crime committed. >> reporter: the cost roughly $5,000 per car for the first year of installation and training. star chase says subsequent years cost about a thousand dollars per year. star chase says it has no direct competition but says it does compete regularly to persuade agencies across the country to make the investment. >> there's always competition for dollars with law enforceme enforcement. they're generally they are tragically under funded. >> reporter: for are a vada police and departments in 30 states the technology has been beneficial. they have been using the darts for the past nine months and says it has seen an 85% success
5:59 pm
rate. that will only get better as their officers become more comfortable with the darts. >> it seems pretty cool. a thousand dollars a pot. i hope the aim is accurate. spot on. >> you have to explain that one. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ happening right now, at 6:00, a popular high schoolteacher under arrest. what he says he was doing to help cope with the death of his wife. and dozens of animals arrive in pennsylvania part of an operation to save the lives of dogs and cats facing almost certain death. where they came from and how you can help. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a new initiative to stop panhandling instead of shoeing people away police are offering them alternatives. it's all part of an effort to get panel panel handlers the help they need.
6:00 pm
it's good to have you with us here at 6:00. i'm thomas drayton. iain is off this week. >> i'm lucy noland. you get people the help they need instead of arresting them and putting them in jail. dave kinchen live at suburban station in center city. dave? >> reporter: yeah, we all know how it is when that subway ride is packed with people and there's someone who is asking for money over and over again. it can be tough if your stop is several blocks away but now septa police they're taking action. >> i walks by them. i keep walking. >> reporter: that's karen rough's way of dealing with push she panhandlers who won't take for some quick cash on septa's subway line. >> they just need to go. report roar she's not a loan in that battle. >> if you want to enjoy your ride, you feel like you have to, you know, switch cars constantly because, you know, to avoid someone that's going to relentlessly bother you. you go to the next car you see


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